Getting the biggest discount on a new car has never been easier

Forget Negotiating...Let our online bespoke REVERSE AUCTION' do it for you!

Greatest Savings to date: $14,400

FREE for AMA Members

We have partnered with AutoTender to provide you with FREE access to their 'ONLINE VEHICLE PURCHASING PLATFORM' (saving you $49.00 for every vehicle tendered)

AutoTender's bespoke platform is designed to save you significant TIME, EFFORT and MONEY on the purchase of your next vehicle/s - Ensuring you get the best deals possible.

Simply, sit back with your computer, pick the car you want and let the power of their FLEET DEALER NETWORK & UNIQUE BIDDING SYSTEM NEGOTIATE for you!

It's that simple!

AutoTender is powered by National Salary Packaging to provide you with the most competitive interest rates and financial beneficial solutions to run your vehicles

What finance is best for my situation?

We have been in the industry for over 30 years are fully accredited finance brokers and can supply you with very competitive interest rates on all types of finance options. Depending on your situation, we will find the best solution that benefits you!


In most cases, a novated lease is the most tax-effective way to purchase your vehicle. You can basically get into your new car without it affecting your cashflow! Call the crew at AutoTender/National Salary Packaging to find out how you can put the power of your pre-tax dollars to work and basically negate your lease repayments.


If you are an employee on PAYG you can Novate Lease and Salary Package your vehicle if your employer allows you too. You can save thousands of dollars in tax by bundling all your car expenses together and paying for them out of your pre-tax money. Check out the Industry Leaders, National Salary Packaging for the most competitive packages on the market!


We help you choose your vehicle and finance wisely. We know cars and we know a good deal from a bad one. We even take into consideration the resale value, to make sure the numbers stack up so that you end up with a profit when it is time to sell.

Save You Thousands of $$$

1. We save you money on the purchase price of your vehicle
2. We source the best interest rate saving you even more money
3. You get BANG for BUCK every time

Transparency & Trust is our ethos

We pride ourselves on providing you with the best deals and service possible! We hold your hand to make sure you know that every step of the way we have your best interest at heart.

Old school Customer Service

We make sure that you know exactly what your money is paying for - no hidden fees, costs or agendas - just good old fashion customer service and value for money! Just as it should be.

We save you Time and Effort

Forget about price loading by brokers or haggling with dealers or salespeople. With AutoTender you Just choose your car then our reverse auction does the negotiation for you. It's simple yet very powerful.


I saved an additional $4,900 from my best price on my new 2018 Toyota Prado. Thanks, guys!

Stephen Debnam
Director, Stonehaus

I saved a total of $14,400 on my Audi RS3 using AutoTender and couldn't be more grateful.

Doctor and Australian Medical Association Vic member

I saved an additional $4,366.16 on my new Land Rover, Discovery Sports plus $27,315.27 in tax by salary packaging. Couldn't be happier.

National Commercial Sales Manager at Dunlop Flooring

The Australian Boarding Schools Association have been working closely with Auto Tender, and over the past few years have found them not only exceptionally helpful and efficient, but have saved our members a considerable sum of money. Using the AutoTender system has allowed our members to access the best possible deal for cars, as well as outstanding rates for finance and leasing.

Richard Stokes
Executive Director, Australian Boards School Association.

I couldn’t be happier with the service I received from AutoTender, they provided a step by step fully transparent process regarding my novated lease package. From my experience with AutoTender I could tell they were experts in their field and I had full trust in their advice in putting a finance package together for me. I’ll definitely be using them again.

Daniel McLaughlin
Business Development Manager, AMA Victoria


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