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Smarter Salary Packaging

Every day we work with companies and individuals to save them serious money.
Even if you have an existing provider, or after a second opinion on your current deal, take advantage of our FREE REVIEW.
We will break it all down for you, and show you exactly what your hard earned money is paying for.
Put us to the test today and let us help you be smarter and wiser with your money.

Here’s why we’re the good guys for Salary Packaging

  • We personally work with you to make sure you get the best deal
  • Free Review of your current package or situation
  • Fully transparent deals with no hidden costs or agendas
  • Employers – We make you look good. You give your employees a substantial pay rise by allowing them to salary package without it costing you a cent
  • REAL savings on TAX, LEASES and VEHICLES
  • Save time and money thanks to our unbeatable industry knowledge, experience, contacts and commitment to you
  • Seamless, automated and painless process
  • We are putting a stop to the rip-offs, exposing what is wrong with the industry, how they are getting away with it, and we are making it right!

Is Your Salary Packaging Provider Taking You For A Ride?

For too long, Salary Packaging has been a cash cow for the big providers, and they’ve been milking clients for money with out anyone asking questions.

There’s been no transparency in the industry, and people have been paying thousands more than they need to.

At AutoTender, we’re putting a stop to the rip-offs.  We’re exposing whats wrong with the industry and we’re making it right.

What They’re Not Telling You

Did you know that the industry is unregulated, so many providers are doing whatever they like?
Did you know that many providers are hiding their fees and charges in the deal and the interest rate isn’t the true rate?
Did you know that most companies just have one provider, and that’s letting the provider dictate the terms if their favour?

It pays to check, It pays to CHANGE

When it comes to salary packaging, most companies have fallen asleep at the wheel.

Don’t be one of them! Ask AutoTender to conduct a review of your current situation today, and we’ll find a fairer, better deal for you.

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