Salary Package Your Vehicle & Save Money

Reduce your Tax & Increase your take home pay

It's a great perk!


How Can It Benefit Me?

Salary sacrifice/packaging is one of the smartest ways to finance and purchase your new car. By “sacrificing” part of your salary each month to finance and run the car, you’re actually reducing your taxable income and saving a significant amount of money.

Upon settling on your ideal car through AutoTender, we make arrangements for its purchase through a novated lease. We bundle up the running costs and the finance portion and that amount will be deducted from your pre-tax portion. The outcome is a reduction in your taxable income, resulting in a reduced tax bill for you, leaving you with more money in your pocket.

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Can Anybody Salary Sacrifice?

Yes. Despite the myths and other rumors you may have heard about it, the truth is you can qualify as long as you are employed, on PAYG and have been approval from your employer.

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Why choose AutoTender? 

  1. We specialise in delivering financially beneficial vehicle and salary packaging solutions to companies around Australia. The team has over 35 years’ experience in the vehicle procurement and salary packaging industry and are known as the one-stop vehicle solutions company and have built an outstanding reputation for securing and managing the best possible outcomes for our clients.
  2. AutoTender is a fully accredited administrator with the proven ability to offer seamless set-up, efficient account management and clear, accurate reporting, giving our clients ultimate transparency and peace of mind.
  3. We pride ourselves in providing a fully transparent, hands-on personal service and professional advice. We tailor every salary package to ensure your employees get the maximum benefit.  We don’t include unnecessary opt-out products or insurances into the contract as this increases the price and the residual, making it harder for your employees to finalise cleanly at the end of the lease. This small difference enables staff to have a greater chance to make a tax-free profit at the end of the lease.
  4. We qualify everyone to make sure we get them the best interest rate as we have a range of funders that offer better rates for certain situations. i.e. A employee purchasing a new vehicle and owns a property will get a better interest rate.